SOAP (Single sign-On Access Panel)

Welcome to the SOAP UserVoice site. SOAP is a Single sign-On Access Panel for accessing Microsoft’s Business to Business tools for Partners. Easy way to automate your work life, no more logging into each site individually. Partners can now log into the panel and enjoy 1 click access to all of their cloud based tools. If you haven’t joined SOAP yet, you can check out what SOAP looks like or go to the signup page.

Additional information related to SOAP can be viewed on our Microsoft IT Showcase.

If you already use SOAP, you can help improve our service. You can post new idea by selecting give feedback and entering your idea. You can vote on an existing idea to help promote it and get it prioritized. You can request an application be added. You can provide a satisfaction rating about whether or not you would recommend SOAP to a colleague. You can get help with common questions under our frequently asked questions section of our knowledge base. If you don't see the answer on here, you can open a support ticket or email

If you have access to SOAP, you can login to the panel here.

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